July 27, 2022

Imported Cheese 101 Education Seminar with a focus on AOP/PDO

Sponsored by the Imported Cheese Board – This seminar is designed to educate and inspire individuals about imported cheese.  During this seminar, we will learn about AOP/PDO of  four cheeses including  Feta, Asiago, Manchego, and Cheddar.

Cheesebuyer AdobeStock lowres copy

March 31, 2022

Get to Know Your Cheesemonger

Do yourself a favor, next time you’re at your favorite cheese counter introduce yourself to your local Cheesemonger and let them guide you on a world of imported cheese tasting adventures!


February 17, 2022

The Start of Great Taste – The What and Why of Cheese Cultures

“Starter” cultures. They’re basically a helpful and healthy bacteria that kicks cheesemaking (and yogurt making) into action by helping turn milk’s natural lactose sugars into lactic acid. This acidifying process makes the milk curdle and separate into curds and whey.

January 28, 2022

FDA’s Expectations for the Import of Safe Foods

Sponsored by the Imported Cheese Board, this Educational Seminar includes a review of the Foreign Supplier Verification Program, regulatory requirements, and lessons learned through inspections and FDA enforcement.