February 16, 2018

Have you tried… Danish Blue?

Flavor: Sharp and salty Texture: Smooth, moist yet crumbly Country: Denmark Danish Blue is a semi soft cheese, created in Denmark in the 20th century. History has it that caves were used to store many types of cheeses and other products. When the temperatures and moisture levels in the caves fluctuated, molds reportedly formed on …

Striped Spatula

December 1, 2017

An International Cheeseboard to Love

Everyone loves a good cheeseboard. Whether you’re hosting a large party or an intimate gathering for just a few friends, imported cheeses are always a welcome addition to the menu. With interesting textures and complex flavors to explore, a beautifully-styled international cheeseboard is a great conversation starter, treating your guests to the romance of a …

November 28, 2017

Get to Know Comté Cheese

Tag along on a fun video tour to the Jura Massif region of France to learn the secret behind making Comté cheese.

November 25, 2017

L’ Etivaz AOP

Crafted in mountain chalets in the Swiss Alps from the raw milk of cows grazing on green grass and flowers, L’ Etivaz is a delightfully aromatic hard cheese named after the village of its origin. What makes L’Etivaz so special is that it is made in small batches by only a select group of producers …

October 31, 2017

Have you tried… Port Salut?

Flavor: Rich, mild and savory Texture: Creamy and velvety smooth Country: France Port Salut Originally created by Trappist Monks during the 19th century, Port Salut is a semi soft cheese, aged 2 months or longer. It has a velvety smooth texture and edible, bright orange rind. It’s a versatile cheese and the perfect addition to …