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Cheese NameCountryMilkTypeFlavorDescription & Uses
AbondanceFranceCowHardButtery, fruity and sweet flavorPungent, earthy aroma. Pair with Malbec & Cabernet Sauvignon.
AffideliceFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedOrange with fruity, mild, tangy flavorWashed rind, soft ripened. Pair with sweet acidic fruits.
Afuega’l PituSpainCowSoftTart tasteSmall, wrinkled cheese; shaped into a cone or pumpkin shape, molded by hand in a cloth. Excellent with jam or honey.
AppenzellerSwitzerlandCowHardMildy spicyMade with raw cows milk. The perfect companion to crisp, sharp fruit, such as apples. Serve in omelets with smoked salmon or salami sandwich.
Arpea de vacheFranceCowSemi SoftTangy & CreamySemi soft when young, firmer as it ages. Enjoy with light white wines.
AsiagoItalyCowFirmButtery, savory when young advancing to a rich and salty savoriness when agedServe with savory crusty artisan bread, crackers. Pair with Chianti, Sherry, Beaujolais or Porter.
Asiago d'AllevoItalyCowFirmFairly salty and slightly piquantHard texture and drier, more crumbly; produced from raw milk. Grate over risotto or pasta. Pair with robust red wine.
BeaufortFranceCowFirmSavory, nuttyPair with white wine, like Roussete de Savoie & light red wine such as Beaujolais
Beer CheeseEnglandCowSoftMild cheddar with sharp mustard and slightly hoppy notesCreamy smooth cheddar with a slight bite from the mustard seeds. Try Beer cheese in a burger with caramelized onions or onion rings.
Bleu D'AuvergneFranceCowSemi SoftButtery with spicy blue flavor and a nutty finishCreamy and smooth. Use in dressings. Serve with a robust red.
Bleu en BlancSouth AfricaCowSemi SoftSweet and tangyBlue veined cheese with a bloomy white rind, like Camembert.  Pair with a Port wine or sweet Rosé.  
BlueDenmarkCowSemi FirmRustic and sharp tasteMarbled-vein, crumbly. Commonly used for salad dressing. Pair with Port/Stout/Scotch.
Blue CabralesSpainCowFirmSharp, tangy, acidic, slightly saltyBlue veiny, creamy and firm. Matured in damp, mold rich caves.
Blue StiltonEnglandCowFirmTangy and strongCreamy and smooth. Pair with Jurançon - Sauterne - Tokaji - port.
BocconiciniItalyCowSemi SoftFresh & milkyMorsel sized or bite sized Mozzarella.  Makes a delicious caprese salad with extra virgin olive oil, grape tomatoes and ribbons of fresh basil.
Bra TeneroItalyCowSoftFresh and mildEnjoy with crusty bread and fresh fruit. Pair with a light and refreshing white wine.
BrieFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedSmooth creamy and buttery. Full flavored, earthyServe w/ crusty breads, fruit, cheese plate, charcuterie / crisp wines, Bordeaux, Champagne.
BrieGermanyCowSoft, Soft RipenedCreamy and earthyCreamy-soft, packaged in a tin. Pair with Chardonnay or Chablis.
Brie de NangisFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedFruit and tangy flavorCreamy and soft. Pair with Cotes du Rhone.
Brie, Triple CrèmeFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedIntensely rich, butteryExtra creamy. Slather on bread with a little jam or marmalade. Pair with champagne or pale ales.
Brillat SavarinFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedButtery and creamyGoes well with all light, fruity wines, especially Champagne. Pair with Chateauneuf du pape - Red wine.
BurrataItalyCowSoftMilky and grassyA fresh cheese, made from a mix of mozzarella and cream.  Serve with tomato salad with a drizzle of aged balsamic. Pair with a light, fruity Pinot Grigio.
ButterkaseGermanyCowFirmCreamy and mildPair with medium white wine, Chardonnay, Semillon or crisp German Riesling.
CaerphillyGreat BritainCowHardSalty, buttermilk flavorA mild cheese, pair with a white Burgundy.
CamembertFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedFull flavored with earthy mushroom notes. Buttery, creamyPair with apples, hard cider. Top with sweet or savory spreads. Bake en croute. Serve with Normandy Cidre, Port or Cabernet.
CamembertGermanyCowSoft, Soft RipenedMild flavor, creamy and softPackaged in a tin. Serve with honey or berries. Pair with Chardonnay or Prosecco.
CantalFranceCowSemi Hard, HardMilky and butteryGoes well with apples, grapes and nuts. Pairs well with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
CastelmagnoItalyCowSemi FirmSharp and strongA Blue cheese with a crumbly texture.  A nice table cheese, perfect for snacking. Pair with a full Italian red, such as Barolo.
ChaourceFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedSalty and butteryCreamy and a little crumbly. Serve with Champagne, Cabernet Sauvignon.
CheddarEnglandCowHardSharp with overtones of nuts and dried fruitsCrumbly & dry when aged and supple & rubbery when young. Excellent snacking cheese. Pair with Pale Ale/Whiskey/Cabernet.
CheddarIrelandCowHardIntense nutty flavorServe with crackers, walnuts, strawberries.
Cheddar & GoudaEstoniaCowSemi FirmCreamy, tangy, smooth and deliciousFull-flavored cheese perfect for any time snacking, pair with crispy juicy apples.
Cheddar with Irish PorterIrelandCowSemi FirmClassic Irish cheddar with subtle notes of beerMarbled appearance with pale curds surrounded by dark brown veins.
Cheddar with Irish WhiskyIrelandCowSemi FirmClassic Irish cheddar with subtle notes of whiskyGolden yellow wheel with a slightly marbled appearance.
Cheddar with Red WineIrelandCowSemi FirmClassic Irish cheddar with subtle notes of red wineMarbled appearance with pale curds surrounded by reddish veins.
Cheddar, AgedAustraliaCowHardRich and creamyCreamy versatile cheese. Good for melting in dips or casseroles. Pair with Chardonnay or Pale Ale.
Cheddar, AgedEnglandCowHardCreamy and smoothA very versatile cheese, pairs with Moscato or Amber Ale.
Cheddar, AgedIrelandCowHardSavory flavour with slight acid, typical of a traditional Irish cheddarPale yellow. Great for snacking and cooking. Serve in omelets or shred over apple pie. Pair with Cabernet or a Dark Oatmeal Stout.
Cheddar, Extra SharpAustraliaCowHardFull, rich, robust flavorFirm & crumbly with a fine granular texture. Pair with dark/spicy Shiraz or a robust Brown Ale.
Cheddar, Oak SmokedIrelandCowFirmClassic Irish cheddar with a moderate smoked flavorSmooth texture with a golden brown exterior. Pair with craft beers, Zinfandel.
Cheddar, OrganicNew ZealandCowFirmMild and subtle flavorSmooth and creamy, 100% Organic. Serve with English Ale, Belgium Style Pale Ale, fruits and nuts, pickles & chutney crudités. Pair with Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir.
Cheddar, ReserveEnglandCowHardRich and sharpSmooth and mellow with visible salt crystallization. Great on a cheeseboard or for adding to casseroles or a melted dip. Pairs well with Cabernet Sauvignon or a Pale Ale.
Cheddar, SharpAustraliaCowFirmBold, sharp & a little nuttyCrumbly & creamy. Pair with honey-sweet Bosc pear slices, light water crackers, crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a bitter, semi-sweet Pale Ale.
Cheddar, SharpNew ZealandCowSemi HardRich and sharpSmooth and versatile. Great for cooking and melted on burgers.
Cheddar, Smoked AgedEnglandCowFirmRich, smoky and sharp flavorsSmoked over oak wood chips. Pairs well with Merlot or Stout.
Cheddar, Smoked SharpAustraliaCowFirmSavory flavor of naturally smoked wood from apple treesCrumbly and creamy cheese. Medium to full bodied Cabernet, Merlot or Red Zin, a dark ale or stout or smoked meat and toasted nuts.
Cheddar, SweetIrelandCowHardRich, tangy and sweet like butterscotchPale yellow; very strong savory vintage cheddar with definite sweet notes.
Cheddar, VintageNew ZealandCowHardFull, strong, piquantSlightly crumbly with naturally occurring salt crystals. Drizzle with honey. Pair with strong bodied red wines.
Cheddar, Vintage Smoked PDOEnglandCowHardSmokey with a dusting of paprikaCreamy and yellow. Pair with Shiraz - Carménère - Beer.
CheshireEnglandCowHardSlightly sharpSupple and crumbly. Pair with medium to full bodied wine: Côtes du Rhône or Rioja or Côtes du Gascogne for white wine.
ChèvreFranceGoatSoft, Semi SoftTart and tangyFresh, rindless cheese made from goat's milk. Creamy, yet crumbly. An excellent dessert cheese.  Also try it on flatbreads and in salads.
ComtèFranceCowSemi HardFruity, flowery, mild, spicy flavorsMade with raw milk. Serve on a cheese platter, gratins, soufflés, sauces, frittatas, quiches, macaroni and cheese, pan inis. Pair with dry white wines, young reds.
CoulommiersFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedFruity and tangyTastes best with apples, pears or fresh berries at the end of a meal.
Crem D'or Simply GourmetGermanyCowSoft, Soft RipenedCreamy and softEdible white mold exterior. Produced using only pasteurized milk from regional farms in the Allgäu region of Bavaria, Germany. Pair with flowery white wine.
CrottinFranceGoatSoft Ripened, HardFull and nuttyCrumbly, yet smooth goat's milk cheese.  Its robust flavor is a perfect snack when paired with a light crisp Fume Blanc.
Der Scharfe MaxxSwitzerlandCowHardFruity, nutty & savory notes of sautéed onionsMade with raw cows milk. Serve in fondues or gratins. Pair with crisp whites.
Double GloucesterEnglandCowHardSharp, sweet aromaSatiny texture. Creamy, deep orange with annatto seeds. Serve with Gruner Veltliner or American Stout.
DunlopScotlandCowHardCreamy, nutty with a lingering finishPrimrose yellow rind, fragrant. Serve with Assam tea and hot scones, with oatcakes, mustard and whisky.
Dèlice pommardFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedCreamy and freshCovered in mustard seed. Pair with light white wines.
Délice de BourgogneFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedRich, creamy, buttery & tangyCream mushroomy aroma. Serve with Champagne, cidre and wheat beer.
EdamGermanyCowFirmMild, pure flavorGold to light yellow. Serve with pears, apples. Pair with Pinot Gris, dry Riesling, semi-dry Riesling, Champagne, Chardonnay.
EdamNetherlandsCowFirmMild with a smooth, sweet, nutty flavorNamed after the town of Edam in the province of North Holland. Pair with Pinot Gris, dry Riesling, Champagne, Chardonnay.
Edam with Chili PepperNetherlandsCowFirmSpicyMelt over seasonal vegetables or add to a fresh salad for an extra kick. Pairs well with Riesling or an IPA.
EgmontNew ZealandCowHardMild, slightly nutty cheddar flavorLight cream color, smooth. Excellent melt, best for cheesy dishes. Pairs well with Stout style beer.
Emmentaler AOPSwitzerlandCowFirmMild, sweet and slightly nutty flavorMade with raw cows milk. A great melting cheese. Serve on cheeseboards and sandwiches. Pair with Pale Ale or Pinot Noir.
Emmentaler, Cave Aged, AOPSwitzerlandCowHardIntense nuttiness with a hint of earthinessMade with raw cows milk. Try in panini sandwiches or on pizza
EpoissesFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedRich saltiness & notable aromaPair with Burgundy, Chardonnay, Chateau of du Pape.
Epoisses de BourgogneFranceCowSoftRich, sweet and saltyThe consistency is that of a custard with a bright red rind and strong aroma.  The creamy texture is spoonable, spread on warm, crusty bread.
ExplorateurFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedMild FlavorPair with red wine.
Farmer CheeseSwedenCowSoft, Semi SoftMild, creamy flavorA natural cow’s milk cheese. Pair with a medium-bodied Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.
FetaGreeceSheepSemi FirmRobust and salty flavorPair with Sauvignon Blanc, Muscato, Blush wine.
FondueSwitzerlandCowSoftCreamy & rich traditional swiss cheese flavorSmooth, creamy texture. Heat and enjoy with bread, fruit and vegetables.
FontalBelgiumCowSemi FirmLight and mild & creamy flavorOutside is hard with a semi-soft, smooth, creamy inside. Pair with Chardonnay, Rose .
FontalItalyCowSemi FirmMild and nuttyMelts well, smooth and creamy. A great cooking cheese. Add to any Italian dish.
FontinaDenmarkCowSemi FirmMild, milky, buttery flavorPair with light wine. Also a good sandwich cheese.
FontinaGermanyCowSemi FirmMildPair with light wine. Also a good sandwich cheese.
FontinaSwedenCowSemi FirmMild, slightly tangy flavorA smooth, natural cow’s milk cheese. Pair with a fruity wine or glass of lager.
Fontina Val d' AostaItalyCowSemi SoftNutty and savoryA smooth, creamy cheese, perfect in fondues or gratins.  Pair with a robust Italian red wine.
Fourme D'AmbertFranceCowSemi SoftRich and saltyNatural rind with a generous blue vein. serve with white wine, fruity sweet red, aromatic & supple beer, such as Stout.
Fromage de MeauxFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedMushroomy, savoryA buttery cheese. Pair with a fruity Burgundy or a glass of Champagne.
Goat-Fresh LogsCanadaGoatSoftLight and slightly tangyGoat's milk cheese are a must on any cheeseboard. Drizzle with honey or serve with fresh berries and a light crisp white wine or Rosé.
Goat-Soft RipenedCanadaGoatSoft RipenedCreamy and earthyA goat's milk cheese covered in a delicate white bloomy rind. Enjoy with warm crusty bread and sparkling wine.
GorgonzolaItalyCowSemi Soft, Semi FirmRich, creamy, strong flavorSoft and crumbly. An Italian blue cheese. Pair with Port, Amarone, Scotch.
Gorgonzola DolceItalyCowSoft, Semi SoftCreamy when young and salty when agedCreamy and spreadable. Pair with Tuscan Vin Santo & Champagne.
GoudaBelgiumCowSemi HardStrong, mature flavorPair with Merlot, apricots, cherries, pears.
GoudaEstoniaCowSemi HardRich, butterscotch notesPair with caramelized pecans or walnuts and medium bodied reds.
GoudaFinlandCowSemi HardMild and milkyYoung and creamy perfect for slicing and everyday meals. Sliced on your favorite sandwich or chunk and pair with sweet crisp apples.
GoudaGermanyCowFirmMildGreat in fondues, gratin, or sauces. Pair with Riesling or a light Beaujolais.
GoudaNetherlandsCowFirmDevelops a caramel sweetness and salty crunch as it agesPair with Merlot, Cabernet or Shiraz.
Gouda with PeppercornsNetherlandsCowFirmSavory, smoky yet sweet flavorLight brown color with black peppercorn and spices spread throughout. Perfect on salads, sandwiches, omelets.
Gouda with TrufflesNetherlandsCowFirmFull of earthy Italian black trufflesLight brown color with flex of black truffles. Creamy smooth. Serve with red grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Prosciutto.
Gouda, 18 Month AgedNetherlandsCowHardUniquely smooth and spicyLight caramel color; unique smooth & spicy with a flaky texture. Pair with Red Zin, grapes, wine flavored salami.
Gouda, 3 Year AgedNetherlandsCowHardButterscotch with a hint of saltinessCaramel color with white spots and flaky texture. Pair with Syrah wine, Prosciutto, caramel sauce.
Gouda, 5 Year AgedNetherlandsCowHardSweet notes of butterscotch & crunchy, salty protein crystalsDark caramel color with white spots, flaky texture. Pair with Belgian Pale Ale, honey, dark chocolate.
Gouda, AgedNetherlandsCowHardNotes of toasted walnuts, and a brown-butter finishGolden, deep ochre interior, some crystallization. Serve with smoked almonds, dates or fig spread.
Gouda, Double Crème NetherlandsCowSemi FirmCreamy, buttery tasteLight caramel color. Pair with Lager beer, apples, Sopressata.
Gouda, Extra AgedNetherlandsCowHardRich flavors of butterscotch, whiskey, and pecanA Golden cheese with crunchy crystals. Great table cheese.
Gouda, FlavoredNetherlandsCowFirmFlavors of sweet basil, sun dried tomatoes, and spicy garlicPerfect for snacking or adding some Mediterranean flare to pasta dishes and salads. Pairs well with Cabernet Sauvignon or Pilsner.
Gouda, MildIrelandCowHardCreamy cheese with little sweet notesMade in only one location in North Cork to a special recipe using only milk from the Spring & Summer.
Gouda, Raw MilkNetherlandsCowFirmHazelnut, rich sweet cream taste with hints of brazil nuts & dried apricotsFirm and flaky. Serve with fennel sausage, dried cherries, Sopressata.
Grana PadanoItalyCowHardTangy, fruity and saltyCrunchy crystal formation throughout. Pair with Barolo, Zinfandel, or Gavi white wine.
GrevéSwedenCowSemi HardNutty with distinct sweetnessIntense, rich, boasts a creamy buttery aroma. Pair with beer and white wine.
Grilling CheeseGermanyCowSemi SoftCreamier and less salty than Halloumi. Also available pre-marinated in herbs and oil. Ready-to-grill and easy to serve. The unique combination of cheese cultures results in a rind that becomes crisp when heated, developing a char-grilled, crispy golden outside and a warm & creamy inside. Comes in a convenient aluminum pan for easy preparation and grilling. Perfect in grilled cheese, dice into a salad, melt it into a hot dip or top with vegetables and serve right from the pan.    
GruyèreFinlandCowSemi HardNutty and fruityPerfect for the cheese plate or cooking. Shred for traditional french onion soup or fondue. Pair with full flavored red wines and dark beers.
GruyèreFranceCowSemi HardCreamy and pungentServe with Lingonberry jam, marmalades.
GruyèreGermanyCowFirm, HardRich and nuttyAged over 100 days. Rich and creamy texture. Pair with Riesling, Sparkling Cider and Beer.
GruyèreSwitzerlandCowFirm, HardSweet, nutty and slightly saltyFirm and creamy. Great for melting in mac and cheese, grilled cheese.
HalloumiCyprusMixed MilkSemi SoftBriny and savoryMade from a combination of cow's milk, goat's milk and sheep's milk, Halloumi is a creamy, springy textured cheese, similar to Mozzarella.  Try grilling it or pan frying it and serving on salad or grilled vegetables.  Enjoy it with a crisp, dry Rosé.
HavartiDenmarkCowSemi FirmButtery, sweetSmooth and creamy. Melt perfectly in paninis, grilled cheese. Pair with Chianti or Stout beer.
HavartiGermanyCowSemi FirmCreamy and mildSmooth creamy texture. Pair with Stout beer, Weiss beer, Cabernet, Riesling.
Havarti LightDenmarkCowSemi FirmButtery, sweetSmooth and creamy. Pair with Chianti or Stout.
Havarti with CarawayDenmarkCowSemi FirmButtery with caraway seedsA creamy cheese. Serve with bread, crackers, vegetables.
Havarti with DillDenmarkCowSemi FirmButtery with dillPair with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir or Merlot.
Havarti with HerbsDenmarkCowSemi FirmButtery, mild flavor from herbs and spicesMelt on pizza or on burgers. Pair with Beaujolais, Cabernet.
Havarti with JalapenoDenmarkCowSemi FirmButtery and spicy from Jalapenos.Creamy and smooth. Melt on nachos, burgers.
Havarti, CreamyDenmarkCowSemi FirmCreamy and mildShred it on a pizza, melts beautifully over burgers and in casseroles. Pair wit a red wine like Beaujolais, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Merlot.
Havarti, SharpFinlandCowSemi HardPiquant and sharpA firmer Havarti. Perfect sliced thin with a cheese plane and served with your favorite cold cuts and a Pale Ale.
HerrgårdsostSwedenCowSemi HardMildly sweet and nuttyA nice table cheese, slice and serve with crackers and ham.
JuustoleipäFinlandCowSemi HardSalty and toastyTraditionally served as side dish with a cup of coffee.
KeisarinnaFinlandCowSemi HardSweet and sharpFinnish Original, Gouda type cheese. Pair with lingonberry or cloudberry jam with a Pinot Noir or Amber Ale.
KorbáčikSlovakiaCowSemi HardSmoked or unsmoked, saltySmoked or unsmoked varieties, interwoven into fine braids, similar to a strong cheese.  A great snacking cheese for the whole family.
L'Etivaz AOPSwitzerlandCowFirm, HardFruity with a slight hazelnut flavorSmooth, raw milk cheese. Pair with Chablis, Riesling, Chardonnay, Syrah wines, medium-bodied ales and hard cider.
LabnehMiddle EastCowSoftTangyReferred to as yogurt cheese. Creamy and tangy, eat as you would yogurt. Serve with fruit or as a dip.
Lacey SwissEstoniaCowSemi FirmMild and nuttyLight in fat and salt but not on flavor. Sliced on your favorite sandwich.
LangresFranceCowSemi SoftSaltyRich creamy. Serve with Champagne, pour Champagne over top of cheese.
Le Gruyère AOPSwitzerlandCowFirm, HardThe flavor of dried fruit and spiceA firm cheese made from raw cows milk. Serve on French onion soup, fondue, mac & cheese.
Le Gruyère Alpage AOPSwitzerlandCowFirm, HardFruity with a lightly salty undertoneA firm cheese made from raw cows milk. Serve on French onion soup, fondue, mac & cheese.
Le Gruyère Reserve AOPSwitzerlandCowFirm, HardEarthy flavor with undertone of fruit and nutsA firm cheese made from raw cows milk. Serve on French onion soup, fondue, mac & cheese.
Le Gruyère, Cave Aged, AOPSwitzerlandCowHardSpicy with earthy depthHas pronounced crystals. Made with raw cows milk. Pair with toasted pecans, cherry jam & rustic bread
Le MarechalSwitzerlandCowFirm, HardHerbaceous, mildly spicy and nuttyA firm cheese made from raw cows milk. A perfect table and party cheese.
LeydenNetherlandsCowSemi HardButtery and tangy flavorYellow cumin spiced cheese. Pair with Zinfandel, Chianti, Syrah.
LimburgerBelgiumCowSemi SoftMellow flavor, pronounced aromaAn unmistakable stinky cheese. Enjoy on dark bread with onions and a German beer.
LimburgerGermanyCowSoft, Soft RipenedTangy when young and becomes more brothy with ageTastes best served between rye bread and a slice of onion. Pair with Belgian style ales & icy cold Bock beer.
MaasdamNetherlandsCowSemi HardSweet, nutty flavorSlices and melts well. Pair with Merlot or Hefeweizen.
Maasdam, Smoked Czech RepublicCowFirmSmokyCreamy smoky cheese. Serve on burgers, sandwiches and paired with vegetables. Pairs well with Merlot or stout.
Maasdam, Smoked NetherlandsCowFirmMild, smoky flavorCreamy, sausage shaped cheese. Serve on sandwich or as a snack; melt on casseroles, soups or fondues; pair with White Zinfandel, Pale Ale.
MahónSpainCowSemi SoftComplex, buttery and fruityCreamy texture with a rich and complex flavor. Wonderful table cheese serve with breads and fruit. Pair with crisp white wine, full bodied white wine or fruity red wine.
ManchegoSpainSheepFirmButtery and nutty, sweet with age.Made from sheep's milk, this popular cheese from Spain has a distinct herringbone weave pattern on the rind.  Enjoy as a snack with roasted almonds and Cabernet.
MascarponeItalyCowSoftThe flavor of sweet creamSoft, creamy and spreadable. Serve with Tiramisu, cantaloupe and prosciutto, strawberries.
MimoletteFranceCowHardMild, but becomes stronger with ageBrittle, creamy and firm. Eat as an appetizer; serve with all light and fruity wines.
MoliternoItalyMixed MilkHardFull flavored, nuttyA hard, Pecorino cheese made from goat's and sheep's milk.  A good table cheese that pairs well with fruit.  Try grating onto pasta.  Pair with a full bodied Italian red wine like Chianti.
MontasioItalyCowHardButtery when young, savory and aromatic when agedSuited to make tasty appetizers and snacks, great with large ravioli and asparagus. Pair with a glass of spicy Sasso di Felluga or the sweet Picolit del Collio.
MontboissieFranceCowSemi SoftThe flavor of nuts and fruitSoft and creamy with an aroma of hay. Serve with soft, warm bread, preserves, nuts & grapes. Pair with Chardonnay or Pinot Noir.
MorbierFranceCowFirmMild and savoryPungent barnyard aroma. Pair with Vin Jaune or a white from the Haute Savoie.
MozzarellaItalyCowSoft, Semi SoftDelicately salted fresh milk flavorUse in recipes to make salads, meats, seafood and vegetables.
MuensterFinlandCowSemi FirmMild and butteryPerfect for everyday sandwich and deli platters. Melt on your favorite sandwich.
MunsterFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedSavory and tangyCreamy, smooth and almost sticky texture. Pair with Riesling, full-bodied reds.
Munster GeromeFranceCowSoftTangy when young and becomes more savory with ageBarnyard aroma. Pair with Alsatian Pinot Gris.
NazarethBelgiumCowHardSweet, walnut flavorA hard, full-bodied cheese. Grate or shred over fish or gratins.
NeufchâtelFranceCowSoftRich and nuttyA creamy white cheese covered in a soft white bloomy rind. Enjoy it with crackers, in recipes and dips.
PaneerIndiaCowFirmMilkySimilar to ricotta but firmer and smoother.  Try pan frying or spread on flatbread or naan. Great for cooking.
Parmigiano ReggianoItalyCowHardRich and nuttyGranular texture, grates and shreds well. Pair with Zinfandel, Merlot, Madeira.
Pecorino Fiore SardoItalySheepHardCaramel tones, nutty and saltyA hard Pecorino cheese, made from sheep's milk.  Serve with a rustic bread or grate over pasta.
Pecorino RomanoItalySheepHardSalty and sharpAn Italian cheese made from sheep's milk.  The perfect cheese for cooking, grating into any recipe.  Pair with a robust Italian red.
Pecorino SicilianoItalySheepHardSharp and saltyA sheep's milk cheese, primarily enjoyed as a table cheese with red wine or cooking and grating onto pasta.
Pecorino ToscanoItalySheepFirmDense and nuttyA sheep's milk cheese that goes great on a cheeseboard.  Try it grated over pasta or on salads and pizza.
PepatoItalySheepSemi HardCitrusy and spicyThis sheep's milk cheese with peppercorns is a great snacking cheese served with a mild red wine like a Pinto Noir.
PiaveItalyCowHardSweetA great snacking cheese.  Try grating into recipes.  Pair with a medium bodied Italian red.
Pierre RobertFranceCowSoft, Soft RipenedSmooth, mild and spreadableSnow white rind, buttery smooth. Pair with Champagne, muscat or heavy stout.
Pleinvent FermierSwitzerlandCowFirmBalanced, toasted nutty flavor with floral notesFirm, yet smooth texture. Melts well. A wonderful snacking cheese, pair with full bodied reds.
Pont l'EvequeFranceCowSoftMildly richEarthy aroma, creamy cheese. Pair with cider or a sweet white wine.
Port SalutFranceCowSemi SoftMild and savorySmooth a creamy texture. Pair with Sauvignon Blanc, Champagne, Chablis.
Priest XO CheeseSwedenCowHardSimilar to Parmesan cheese...salty but with sweeter notesCrumbly and grainy. Pair with a full-bodied red wine or a white Burgundy to match the nuttiness and sourness of the cheese.
ProvoloneItalyCowSemi HardSharp, piquant flavorIt's characteristic flavor and texture are the result of production and curing in Northern Italy. Serve with a spicy sopressata, olives, roasted red peppers.
Provolone PiccanteItalyCowSemi HardVaries from sweet to sharpCan be grilled when aged for a short amount of time. Enjoy in rissotto. Pair with Gutturnio di Poggiarello or Collio Rosso di Russiz.
PråstostSwedenCowSemi FirmButtery, salty sweetnessCreamy and smooth. Pair with sparkling wines from dry to sweet.
Queso BlancoMexicoCowHardMildA creamy, mild cheese.  Softens when melted, but keeps its shape.  Try it in dips.
Queso BlancoPortugalCowHardMildA creamy, mild cheese.  Softens when melted but keeps its shape.  Try it in dips.
Queso BlancoSpainCowHardMildA creamy, mild cheese.  Softens when melted but keeps its shape.  Try it in dips.
RacletteFranceCowSemi HardSweet taste that is brought out when meltedName is derived from the French verb racler meaning to scrape; traditionally scraped over open fire and served over pasta.
RascheraItalyCowFirmSalty and savoryThe delicate, slightly salty flavor pairs well with a light or medium red wine and water crackers.
Red LeicesterEnglandCowHardMellow and mildRich Orange/Red color. Use on a cheeseboard, in sauces or as a salad addition. Pair with beer, English strong ale or ESB.
ReggianitoArgentinaCowHardSlightly saltyHard and granular. Perfect for grating over pastas or as an ingredient in Italian dishes or soups. Pairs well with Chianti or Pilsner.
RicottaItalyCowSoftMilky and sweetCreamy and fluffy, the perfect all around cheese.  Suitable for cooking or snacking, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and fresh herb.
Ricotta SalataItalySheepHardMilky and saltyA milky white sheep's milk cheese.  The salty flavor is perfect for crumbling or shaving onto salads, pasta salads. Try crumbling it over roasted beets, drizzled with vinaigrette.
RoquefortFranceSheepSemi SoftSalty and tangyA blue-veined sheep's milk cheese that's moist yet crumbly. It's a wonderful cheese for dressings, serve on salads or over grilled beef.
Sage DerbyEnglandCowSemi HardButtery taste, with subtle herb flavor from the sageSofter than cheddar; one of England's oldest and most famous cheeses. Serve on a cheeseboard.
SamsoeDenmarkCowFirmNutty, varies with sweet and sour notesEasy to shred, slice, cut, and melt. Pairs well with Riesling and Lager.
San SimónSpainCowSemi SoftSmoky taste blended with a buttery aromaUnique large teardrop shape. Serve on a simple panino with slices of Serrano ham, topped with olive tapenade. Pair with a lovely Blaufrankisch wine or an American IPA .
Sbrinz AOPSwitzerlandCowHardNutty and strongMakes an impressive display when broken into pieces on a cheeseboard. Grate over pastas or in your favorite recipe. Pair with a Malbec or IPA.
ScamorzaItalyCowSemi SoftSmoky, milkySimilar to a firm, dry Mozzarella, it melts beautifully.  Try it in grilled panini's. Adds lots of flavor to baked dishes.
Scharfe MaxxSwitzerlandCowHardSharp with hints of onions and mushroomsServe on a cheeseboard or enjoy as a snack with nuts and a Merlot or Dark Ale
Shropshire BlueEnglandCowSemi SoftSharp and strongCreamy, crumbly and smooth. Cabernet Sauvignon or Côtes du Rhône.
St NectaireFranceCowSemi SoftNutty and mushroomyMade from the milk of Salers cows that feed on rich, volcanic pastures. Goes well with fruits, raw vegetables, olives, bread and Salami.
StelvioItalyCowSemi SoftRich and butteryA perfect snacking cheese, serve with Prosciutto, bread and a medium red like Pinot Noir, Chianti.
SwissFinlandCowSemi HardNutty and full flavoredPair with our gruyere in cooking to make a Finnish Fondue, or slice with cornichons and a mild salami.
SwissFranceCowSemi HardMild and nuttyServe with salami's and ham in sandwiches.  A great snacking cheese.  Pair with Light reds like Pinot Noir.
SwissGermanyCowSemi HardMildly aromatic, nutty and sweetPair with bold reds. Great for melting on sandwiches and panini's.
SwissHungaryCowSemi HardSweet and nuttyExcellent for gratins, and fondues. Pairs well with Chardonnay or a Dark Lager.
Swiss, Lacey FinlandCowSemi FirmMild and nuttyLight in fat and salt but not on flavor. Sliced on your favorite sandwich.
Swiss, LightFinlandCowSemi HardNutty, full flavor50% Less Fat than Regular Swiss. Sliced on your favorite sandwich.
Switzerland SwissSwitzerlandCowSemi HardMild and nuttySmooth and creamy. A great cooking cheese, shred it or melt it.
TaleggioItalyCowSoft, Soft RipenedPiquant, full flavoredMarbled crumbly texture. Spread on crusty bread, serve with fruit. Complements Italian dishes.
TetillaSpainCowFirmMellow, buttery sweetSmooth and mellow, enjoy on crackers and bread.
TilsitFinlandCowSemi HardTangy and complexCreamy. Pair with crisp lager, strong rye bread and smoked salmon.
TommeFranceCowSemi SoftButteryEnjoy with dried fruit and good glass of red wine.
Tomme de SavoieFranceCowSemi FirmMildly sweet, tangyFarmstead cheese. Medium red wines and fruits and bread.
Tomme with Elderflower FranceCowSemi FirmBalanced floral flavor, hints of honey and vanillaElderflower blossoms and elderflower liqueur are blended in. Pair with crackers and white wine.
Tête de MoineSwitzerlandCowSemi FirmSharp and tangyMade with raw cows milk. Light cream color. Shave into pretty/delicate rosettes to garnish salads or antipasto. Pair with Pinot Grigio
UrdăRomaniaCowSoftMilky sweetTypically used in Romanian desserts like stuffed pancakes.  Top with a fruit compote.
Vacherin Fribourgois AOPSwitzerlandCowSemi FirmMild and slightly spicyMade with raw cows milk. Excellent table cheese and tasty addition to fondue.
Vacherin le PlisseSwitzerlandCowFirmSavory and intenseFarmstead cheese. Pair with medium red wines and fruits and bread.
Vieux ChimayBelgiumCowSoftButtery with hint of hazelnutsSatiny texture. Melt in a lobster risotto. Pair with a glass of Chimay Tripel beer.
ViolaFinlandCowSoftButtery and richSpread on your favorite bread or get some pretzels and dip right in.
Vully RougeSwitzerlandCowFirmSweet and spicy finishPair with bold reds, Burgundy or Cabernet.
WensleydaleEnglandCowFirmSubtle wild honey flavorFlaky texture. Serve with crackers or a slice of apple pie. Pair with Sauvignon Blanc.
White StiltonEnglandCowFirmCreamy and tangyMilky and creamy. Pair with Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay.
XynomizithraGreeceMixed MilkSoftCreamy and sourA creamy and moist cheese made from goat's and sheep's milk.  Enjoy as a dessert cheese, drizzled with honey or cooked into baked goods.
YaroslavskyRussiaCowHardSlightly sourServe on a cheeseboard or enjoy as a snack.
ZakusochniyRussiaCowSoftMilkySimilar to a Farmer's cheese, serve as a dessert with fresh berries or jams.
ZufiItalyCowSoftMilky, freshSimilar to ricotta. Use as a spread on breads or bagels with fruit or sliced meat.
1924FranceCowSemi SoftSweet, blue flavorNatural rind, dense paste with blue vein throughout; sweet and rich with a balanced blue flavor.